Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Independance Day!

What a terrific day this has been.  This morning we were at breakfast when all of a sudden we heard music.  We turned our heads and saw about 12 missionaries standing and singing the National Anthem.  Soon the whole cafeteria was standing and singing with their hands over their hearts.  It was a wonderful experience.  Elder Campbell and I tried to sing but were busy crying it was so beautiful.  I wish I would of thought to take a picture for you but I was just basking in the glory of it all.
 We said goodbye to some dear friends who we have shared many tender moments with.  Some are going to the Ukraine, some to Asian Islands and some to other islands far away.  Some of our friends are staying in Ogden and working at home in that mission.  They will be a great help to Heavenly Father's children.  This has helped us even more to be ready for the wonderful people of South Africa.
Elder Campbell is feeling better.  He can walk normal with no pain.
Have a wonderful day and be thankful for your blessings.
Hurrah for Israel!!!
Sister Campbell

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  1. Thank you for your blog entries. We are following them. What happened to Elder Campbell? Did it hurt for him to stand? Thankfully, he is feeling better. Hope you had a great 4th! The ward had a wonderful July 4th pancake breakfast in the Church courtyard! Bill+Beverly Markham