Saturday, July 19, 2014

July 19, 2014-Motupa

When we received our mission call it said that this was a "English Speaking Mission".  It is not.  If they are speaking English we have to listen very carefully and then they may be speaking one of the 11 official languages of South Africa.  We seem to get along.  We are not sure what they are saying that we do not understand.
Friday we attended our first Bri )Barbeque) in Motupa.  This ia our dependant group of the Tzaneen Branch.  Steven will also be their Branch President.  This was Canadian Style for which I was thankful.  The Senior Couple that is serving in Motupa bought the food and put it on.  We had Hamburgers,Hot Dogs, and Russians, (it is a sausage not the country).

We had a great time and there was a great turnout.
Today, Saturday we traveled to Modjahe.  It is a branch about 30 minutes away.  There we had a District Relief Society Meeting.  It was well attended, about 100 sisters came in buses or walked.  The speakers were so wonderful and sweet.  The theme was the 13th Article of Faith.  A group of sisters sang, "Come Thou Font of Every Blessing.  It was beautiful!.  After we had a lunch made by the Senior Couple in Modjahe.  Here are some of the pictures of the time together.
 This sister in the blue is holding her mission call.  She had just received it from Sister Dunn, the mission president's wife.  She wants to open it tomorrow with all of the branch.

We love you all very much!  Hurrah for Israel!


  1. When I saw you Hurrah for Israel it took me back to our mission in Durban where then president Mann made that the mission call -

  2. I'm so enjoying your blog - thank you for sharing your wonderful experiences! My missionary, Landon, returns home in just 24 days!!! By the way, the sister in blue - where will she be serving her mission? Love to you both!