Sunday, July 27, 2014

2 weeks in South Africa

Well, here we are in South Africa for 2 weeks.  We are loving the people even more.  They are so simple and sweet.  Steven is feeling a little more relaxed as we have been able to meet quite a few people.  It takes so long to get everywhere that somedays we only visit 2 or 3 families.  They are most thankful for everything.

These are two of the missionaries that have been serving in the Tzaneen Branch.  Elder Loveless and Elder Mosuka.  This was before transfers.  We now have Elder Loveless and Elder Garnica from Mexico City..
This is how the women carry things, on their heads.  It is amazing.
Below you will notice how convenient it is get your exercise.  You can stop for petro for your car and then workout in the exercise equipment.  How jolly!!!!  We will send another blog about the monkeys in the trees we saw on our morning walk.  We are having trouble getting this to work right.  See you later and "Hurrah for Israel!"

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