Friday, July 11, 2014

Welcome to South Africa!

We are here!  We left on Monday, flew in to JoBurg on Wednesday and arrived in Tzaneen today, Friday.  It seems like we have been in limbo for 5 days.  The flight to London did not seen too bad, 10 hours, but then the layover in London came (9 Hours).  We had fun watching the children and famlies.  We even had fish and chips for lunch.  We did not think it wise to leave for sightseeing as we had such a fun time going through security.  Both of our carry on luggage had to be opened and everything emptied out.  I had taken my essential oils and they were very curious.  I have never had anyy trouble before but they said that in America we are not as careful as they are in London.  We did not want to go through that again.

Our flight to Joburg seemed harder since the seats were so very close.  This was a 10.5 hour flight. We were so glad to arrive and see our Mission President and his wife waving at us.  They were so very kind.  They took us to the mission home and told us just to rest.  We hurried and took and shower and a short nap.  They had asked a couple serving in a town close to us to take us around and then home.  We had a wonderful dinnner with the Zone leaders and District leaders of our area and then went to bed.  The next day, we went to the mission office to get our phone and our car and all of the other things we need here.  Come to find out the man at the airport that stamped our Visa did not do it right.  We do not think he liked his job (no smiles).  He marked it that we could only stay 90 days.  So by the time we got everything settled for the day it was too late to come to Tzaneen, since it takes 5.5 hours.  It is on a windy road .  President Dunn, our Mission President thought it would be best to stay with them one more night.  A couple had gone to the airport to try to get the presdient's visa, anothers senior couple's, and our visas straightened out.  What a process, they were gone most of the day.
(This is a picture of our MTC District, wonderful people.)

We were able to help with the Zone Conference and meet them.  It was terrific.  What wonderful Elders we have serving.  We have been learning how we drive on the left side of the road, how we buy elecric minutes, how we use the outlets, (there are many).how to use our GPS, and about cities, townships and villages (there are not addresses in villages), security and how wonderful the people we are working with are.

We drove up today and went as far as Polokwany, where Elder and Sister Harward are serving.  We met the senior couple serving there and then sent to lunch and had a great time visiting.  We got into our own car and followed Elder and Sister Heyen home.  They are CES missionaries here.  As we arrived in Tzaneen we drove over a grate in the road  and it flattened the tire.  The good news is that it was right in front of the church.

We arrived home to our flat and it is really nice.  The senior couples here had planned a potluck to meet us and get to know us.  It was great.
                                          WITH SISTER DUNN, our Mission President's wife.
                                           WITH PRESIDENT DUNN as we arrived.

We love you all and are so happy to be serving the Lord in this capacity.  We are excited to meet the members on Sunday.

Hope all of you are doing well.  We are going to buy a phone tomorrow so we can call you. I  love you bunches.  Hurrah for Israel!!!  Mom

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