Monday, June 30, 2014

Day One of the MTC

Today was our first day at the Missionary Training Center.   We entered at 10:00.  Meagan and Spencer brought us.  We received our packets and our missionary name tags.  We then went to our dorms where some wonderful Elders going to Sweden and Denmark helped us take them to our room.  Our room is very nice.  We have an ice machine and exercise room just down the hall.  We then went to an information meeting.  Lunch followed and then a meeting with the MTC Mission Presidency.  It was great.
Today's quote:
"If you are taking care of Heavenly Father's children He will take care of yours." President Packard

We then had more information and gathered into districts. There is a wonderful feeling here.  We loved watching the young Elders and Sisters. 
After dinner we were able to walk down to BYU campus and visit with Spencer.  He walked back up with us as he needed to be with some of his EFY groups. (He is working as a Health Counselor with Especially for Youth this summer.) The day was full and fulfilling.  We are looking forward to tomorrow when we begin our Preach My Gospel Training.  We have some homework to do tonight in preparation.

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  1. It was so great to read your blog posts. It's such a blessing to be able to serve the lord in all stages of our life. I love the comment from Pres. Packer. That will certainly be a comfort to senior couples trying to decide if they can leave their children and grandchildren. They say the best policy is, "Let Go and Let God!"