Monday, June 30, 2014

The Perfect Day!

Saturday was the "PERFECT DAY".  We started by a visit to Salt Lake Temple Square.  We had the privilege of being with the BEST people in the world, our family.  All of our children, except for Amber she was running in a Ragnar, and our 20 grandchildren were there.  They loved seeing the Salt Lake Temple in person.  We learned about the Seagull Monument where the seagulls came and ate the crickets that were eating all of the pioneers crops.  We were able to go to the church museum and see the actual wooden leg that was used by our great, great, great, grandfather as he crossed the plains in the 3rd handcart company.
We then went to the conference center and took a tour around.  WOW! Conference will never be the same again.
Children were hungry so we picked up some lunch and went to Liberty Park where the children could play in water in the little creeks.
WE left and went to Aunt Jennifer's house.  There we met Amber and Layne, as he had gone to pick her up.  My two angel sisters and brother-in-law and niece took care of all 20 grandchildren.  What a blessing they are!
We were able to go to the Bountiful Temple and do sealings for Josias' family.  Some of them were his grandparents and some great grandparents. 
We cannot even express the feeling of being in the temple with all of our children.  I keep reviewing that wonderful feeling and picture of all of us around a circle in the celestial room, knowing they can be ours forever.

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