Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A wonderful end to August

Dear Family and Friends,

It is hard to believe that August 2014 is all done and we are on our way to September.  It has been a wonderful month.  We are getting used to driving and arriving home, safe.  There are still some moments of    "Stay to the left, Elder Campbell", however.  He is doing very well.  We rarely use our GPS anymore.  We still use our tour guides, Elder and Sister Meldrum from Canada to help us in Motupa as there are no street signs or addresses.  We are starting to recognize a few things.  Here is something I  loved that was one the back of a truck in front of us one day.  I loved it.  The truck or bakki was full of men getting a ride home.  That is how they do it.
The men in the back were starting to all look at me so I hurried really fast.
Every Thursday night we feed 2 sets of young Elders.  They are really hungry when they arrive as it is usually around 8 o'clock.  They like to work until it is too late to.  Here is a giant loaf of bread we found.  They probably will eat all of this.  The bread here is delicious.  We have to be strong not to eat it.  It is quite inexpensive, also.  This loaf cost in US money around $1.40.
On our way to Motupa one day we followed this truck that was full of mattresses with small fridges in the base of the truck.  We sure hope they made their destination.  There are no flat roads in Motupa so I hope their destination was right of the road.
The highlight of the week was going to the Johannesburg Temple with Sister Judith.  She is going to the Atlanta Georgia Mission in November.  She is a wonderful person and will make a great missionary.  It was a wonderful experience.  She was then able to be baptized for her grandmother on Saturday morning.  This grandmother raised her and it was really special.  Sister Judith is from Motupa and had never eaten in a restaurant or even a fast food place.  She will have quite an adventure in Georgia.
While in Joburg, we stopped at a store to see it they had Elder Campbell's chocolate that he loves.  (We stop at every store and just look for chocolate!)  There was a bench that for the Elderly and Sick.  Elder Campbell put his thumb over the ly and figured it was for him.
The mission president and his wife invited us to dinner on Friday night.  It was so very nice of them as they are so busy.  It was a delicious meal of rolled pork, roasted potatoes, salad and rolls.  Dessert was ice cream with strawberries.  The young man in the picture next to Sister Judith is leaving this week for his mission.  He went through the temple on Friday, also.  The first senior couple are the Meldrums.  They are from Canada and work in Motupa.  They are wonderful.  He reminds us of grandpa Campbell.  He is always working.  She is always thinking and doing.  They are good examples of missionary life.  The couple on the right is from Oregon.  They will be in Mason, my nephew's mission when they go home.  The are CES missionaries.  The travel all around the northern part of our mission checking on seminary and institute teachers.  They also teach some classes.  They are our across the hall neighbors, literally 3 steps.  They have been a great help to us.  Elder and Sister Heyen are their names.
This is our wonderful President and Sister Dunn.  They are our mission president and wife.  They are from Salt Lake City, Utah.
We dropped Sister Judith off at the bottom of her hill as our car could not do more.  She carried her bag on her head.  She has such lovely posture.  She said that she would carry big containers of water on her head when she was 8 years old.  WOW!
Well, that is our week so far.  We will check on with you next week.  We hope everyone is well.  We love you and love being a missionary.
Hurrah for Israel!
Elder and Sister Campbell
South Africa Johannesburg Mission

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