Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Lions and Tigers and Demonstrations, OH My!!!!

Dear Family and Friends,
 Every day is a new adventure here.  We have learned so much.  This week we started off with our preparation day.  We did some flat cleaning in the morning and then we went to the Letabo River Lodge.  We went on a trip around the lodge where we saw giraffes, wilderbeasts, emus, zebras, and many other deer-like animals.
So very pretty.  He was laying there by the door.
He lost one of his horns fighting to see who was the grandest in the jungle.  Now he is just an unicorn!
These are pictures of the baby tigers and baby white lions (they are very rare),  We were able to go into the cage with the lions with the trainer.  They  only tried to bite Sister Campbell's bottom once, then I kept my back to the fence.  We fed them their bottles and learned a lot about them.  You will see us feeding the baby tigers through the fence.  Their manners are not as refined as the lions so we did not go in.  I did take the chance while feeding the tiger to tell him "Little Black Sambo".  This is a cute story that I have told my children since they were young.  I reminded him (the tiger) that it will not do well to think you are the "Grandest Tiger in the Jungle".  If you do you could end up in a pool of melted butter on someone's pancake.  We had a little humility lesson so he could not grow up prideful!
This male peacock was quite excited.  He was so beautiful, or handsome!  they have many wedding here so pretended we were Cinderella and Prince Charming!
Now the part of demonstrations!  We went to Phaborwa to visit 2 sisters in our branch.  This is about 1hour and 30 minutes from us.  On our way home we stopped to visit a sister in a township.  We noticed that there were alot of police about.  Then all of a sudden we were engulfed with people.  They were coming from everywhere.  We stopped the car since we could not go any more.  I wished we had a blanket to put over our heads.  Finally we were able to turn around and head slowly out.  A policeman was in front of us.  When we finally reached the road we asked a policeman if it was possible to get to this address.  i showed him the paper and he said that he knew where that was and said he would take us there.  So we had a police escort.  It was wonderful to visit with this dear sister.  She has a 7 year old and wanted to prepare him for baptism.  We told her we would come up next week for his first lesson.  We were very grateful for safety on our way home.
I know that I have gone on and on.  There are more things we can tell you about next week.  If you want our email which Elder Campbell writes let us know your address.  We will send it to you.  We love being missionaries.  There is a special feeling being able to share the love of the Savior all day.  Love to you all!
Hurrah for Israel!!!
Elder and Sister Campbell

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