Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Beautiful Winter Flowers and Branch Conference and worms

Dear Friends and Family,
We have had another great week.  We continue to meet the people and travel around finding them and getting to know them.  There are so many challenges in their lives, but in many respects they are just as happy as we are or perhaps more so because they don't live the wild pace life that we live in the U.S.

Sunday, we took the sacrament to two families that are not able to come to church.  One Brother Stephen has TB, so his mother, Sister Esther (one of my favorite people) stays to take of him.  We hope he is feeling better soon.  Another family is the Minnie Family.  Sister Minnie just had her baby boy by C section so is staying in for awhile.  Here I am trying to give her a little rest.
The true highlight of our week was Tzaneen Branch Conference.  This is where the whole branch comes together and members of the District (In larger areas as in Prescott we have stakes) leadership come and visit.  Since Motupa is part of our branch they were transported in.  Here they are getting out of the taxis, actually large vans.
This is our Primary President and her husband.  They are wonderful people.  They live in a one room (small) flat with no running water. The room is big enough for a bed and a small walkway to the hot plate.  They always look so beautiful.  They save their money all week to take the taxi to church or they walk which is a long way.
Of course, I have to add some pictures of my children.  This is my friend that comes to English class.  She knows English pretty good and is trying to teach me Sepedi.  I am not doing as well as she is.
One of the biggest blessings this week is that President Campbell has COUNSELORS!!!!  He is so thrilled.  He did not feel complete.  Here is a picture of them.  Brother Kudawashe Honomombe is his 1st counselor (the tall one) and Brother David Cloete is 2nd counselor.  Brother Cloete is Afrakanz and is a very interesting person.  He has only been a member a year but is so excited about learning everything.  It is a blessing.
On Thursday we climbed our mountain in Motupa to meet with the bead ladies.  They make such beautiful things with their beads.  Here they are:
On Monday we went with Elder and Sister Meldrum to an orange grove.  There are many orange groves here.  Many years ago the owner's wife of the grove thought to have the wives of the workers start and do some of the needle work of Africa.  Now it is a famous company shipping all over the world.  The work if beautiful.  Women take pieces home and bring them back in one or two days.  It is good for women with little children to do.  Here are some of the pictures:
This is one of the artists.  His only tools are a ruler and his imagination.
On our trip to Motupa this week we also visited a recent convert that was doing the laundry in the river by her home with her mother.  Crossing the river for me was a challenge.  I was afraid of falling on the rocks right into the water but not for Sharon.  She picked up the wet laundry and put it on her head and headed up the trail.  I told them this was such a beautiful place to do your laundry.  My laundry room is definately not this lovely!!!
This s very common sight.  Mothers with their children on their backs.  Small babies are carried in the front.  They stand on the side of the roads hoping for someone to give them a ride.  At night it is so hard to see them.  I want to give all of them some reflective tape.
The rest of these pictures are some of the beautiful WINTER flowers we see on our walk in the mornings.
Last but not least, her is a lady just walking down the street carrying her water jug.  It is amazing they do not have squashed neck bones.
We love you all and miss you.  We are trying our best to help in this part of the world.  With the Lord's help we can.  They are wonderful people.
Hurrah for Israel-Elder and Sister Campbell

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  1. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures. It is always good to see where other couples are serving and learning what they are doing.