Thursday, September 25, 2014

Happy Heritage Day

This has been a really fun week in that it is Heritage Week.  During the week we have seem African women wearing their traditional dress.  They are really beautiful!  We have stopped and asked some for a picture.  They were all very kind and accommodating.
Here are some of them.  This is Florence.  She is a maid to one of the flats here.  She waits in front of our flat for the people to go to work and then she goes in to clean.
Each costume  represents a part of South Africa where they grew up.  They are really fun.  School is dismissed for the day and some of the businesses.  They spend the day with family and have Braiis, which means BBQ's.  Here are the Elders eating their pap and stew.
We have some wonderful Elders here,
This was the last part of our Heritage Day.  The first part was spent in Motupa with the Group there cleaning the yard of the church.  I will tell that story in the next blog.  It was a busy day and we were very tired when we arrived home but that is when a missionary feels successful.  
Love to all and hope you have peace in your hearts,
Hurrah for Israel,
Elder and Sister Campbell

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