Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Day in the Life of Elder and Sister Campbell

Dear Friends and Family,
    We have had requests asking us what we do in a day.  We would like to tell you.  Sometimes we plan and plan but when the day arrives it takes a different turn.  We figure the Lord is in charge and we hope that we are following what He would want us to do.
     I have tried to take some pictures so we could give you a glimpse into our day.
We wake up between 5 and six.  We do some phone calling sometimes or preparing for lessons being taught that week.  At 7:15 we meet are neighbors across the hall for a walk.  Here we are with Elder and Sister Heyen.  They are going home in January.  We need someone to come and take their place.  They are from Portland, Oregon.

This is our flat.  We are on the bottom.  We have an electric gate with electric wire on the top.  We are very safe.
Here we are on the first of our walk with Elder and Sister Heyen.  We will cross a small bridge and meet up with the Meldrums.  They are from Canada.
These are some of the beautiful flowers we pass by.  We are in the dry season and they say it is so brown but we are doubtful it can get any greener.  I will put some pictures of our walk.  We go a different way each day but here are some sights you may recognize from America.
These are the only ones that seem familiar to us.  There are other fast food places in Joburg but the Colonel is the only one here in Tzaneen.  It is very popular.
I will now just show you sights along the walk.  Something I thought was interesting is the "Not for Sale Sign".  We guessed they were using reverse psychology. ha ha
You will also see some of the churches that have been here for a long time.
This a hamburger restaurant.  we haven't tried it yet.  I thought it was funny that it's name is Wimpy.
these are the cute street picker upers.  People just throw their garbage on the ground.  These people come and pick it up.  I guess it gives more people work.  They are really fun though.  We gave a group of them some pass-along cards (cards from the church with a number where you can call and have a DVD brought to you of the Savior).  They thank us everytime for the pictures of Jesus Christ.  They put them on their locker.
Here is the razor wire that is on the top or along the fence of most of the buildings.  There is elecetric wire or sharp pokey things.  You will then see some trees and flowers and then we arrive home.
We are home and i have run out of time to show you the rest of the day.  The next picture is us ready for the day.  We go in from our walk and take a shower and get dressed.  The we read our scriptures and go over the days plans, making any phone calls that we feel we should , pray and then we are off.  I will tell you more on another blog.  We love you all and hope you have joy in your life.  We do.
Hurrah for Israel!!!!!!!

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