Saturday, November 21, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

We are sorry that we have been so behind in writing.  We have experienced some difficulties but have now fixed them we believe.

We have had a busy few months.  There is always something to do, someone to meet and someone to try to lift.  We love serving the Lord full- time.  What a blessing it has been to us.

These are some of the beautiful trees that are blooming this time of year.  The purple ones are the famous Jararanda trees.  This is the scene coming from the Johannesburg Temple.  Simply grogeous!!  Like a fairy tale land.  We have many in Tzaneen but this street by the temple is amazing.
Somehow this picture from the group of senior couple popped up, so I guess we sill show you.  This is the group from the week we were at the MTC.  Some will be going home now if they were 18 monthers.  Every week there is a group like this.  We could sure use some here since all of the Senior Couple here have gone home now.  We are the only ones left in the Limpopo District.  When we came there were 7 couples.  Come you will love it!!!!
Here are some of the Primary children.  We took these the day we did our Primary Sacrament Meeting Presentation.  I look so WHITE!!!

This is Sister "Keke".  Her real name is Cheryl but everybody calls her Keke.  She is our Primary President.  She has only been a member for 1 year.  She has graduated from college in Economics and is starting her first year of working.  She is great!!!
This is Elder Desouza and Neo Legodi.  Elder Desouza is from Port Elizabeth, SA and he baptized Neo on his 8th birthday.  It was great!    Here is his family:  Sister Mama Legodi and Paballo and Ula.  They are a great family.  Sister Mama is getting ready to go to the temple this month.  She was so excited when she had her interview with President Wilson that she came out and said, "Sister Campbell, you will want to hug me, I am going!" and then she started to cry. Wonderful!!!!!

Here we are at our Zone Conference with President and Sister Wilson.  This was before Elder and Sister Butler and Elder and Sister Hansen left us.  Oh my!!!
These are some pictures from a real Shangan Village.  This is the Chief's brother as the Chief was away.  He lives there with his wife/wives and children.
Here are vising with the Sangoma (witch doctor).  She takes care of things there at the village.  She did not have a very happy face.  She would have helped us for R100 ($10 US).  We declined.
This was a dance they performed for us.  It was great!
They fed us traditonal food inside of the hut.  We were able to eat with the chief.  Here is Sister Hansen, the Butlers and us.

The Sangoma, or witch Dr.

They gave us drums and lessons on the drums.  The REAL drummers sure worked hard.  They were so worn out at the end.

This is a lunch of Elder Hansen's the day we went to Victoria Falls in Zimbawee.

These are some of the road signs that we see sometimes.  Some of them were in Botswana.  We loved them.
We believe this is a school.

This is crossing into Botswana.
There was a big line or cue as they call it in South Africa.
We did not need to take a Yellow Fever Shot.  YEAH!!!
We had to run throw water and put our shoes through water to get back into South Africa.  They do not want any germs!!!!
We had a wonderful time for our Senior Retreat to Botswana.  It was long but great training and wonderful to be with the other couples.
Here is Botswana.  In the next blog I will show you pictures of this!  We hope you are all doing well.  We love the gospel of Jesus Christ and love to see our brothers and sisters embrace it.  Their lives are changed for the better.  We have a testimony of that.  Have a Happy Thanksgiving.  We are having dinner with the 6 Elders here.  We will not be having turkey as we cannot find one.  Last year we did but they were very expensive.  We will cook chicken but will have all the rest.  The Elders are helping.  We are also having the tenants in our complex for Traditional American Desserts.  There are 12 flats.  We hope they come.  We are so trying to share the gospel with the people that live in Tzaneen.  It is hard because they are so set in their ways and when they ask their Pastors about us they are told to stay away from us.  Funny ehh?  We pray that we can build the kingdom here.
Much love to all of you and thank you for your prayers.  We feel them and need them.
Hurrah for Israel.
Elder and Sister Campbell
Botswana Namibia Mission

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  1. I really enjoyed this blog! From beautiful trees, to frog and hippo crossings, to the witch doctor and the water cleansing border crossing. You are doing a great work there. By small means come great things. You are a light both there and back home across the globe. Sorry you couldnt find a turkey, but good thing about not needing the Yellow Fever shot. Funny, the things we are grateful for are are all so relative. Thank you for your service. May the Lord bless you both, and all whom you serve!
    Brother Andy Nelson