Thursday, August 6, 2015

One wonderful year...

Dear Friends and Family,
     We have been here one whole year now.  WOW!  What we have learned.  We have been taught by some amazing people about faith, mostly.  We have met some most celestial people here.  Most of the people here are first generation members.  There were quite a few members of the church during the appartheid here in Tzaneen.  When the appartheid ended many left for various reasons.  Some left because of work.  In Tzaneen proper we have about 4 families.  The other branches came off of Tzaneen, Lenenye, Modjodji, and the Motupa Group that is included in our Tzaneen Branch.  We are hopeful to someday make these units wards.  It is very hard because of Prieshood leadership.  We get so excited when we meet 'Father lad families'.  It would bless the people so much if they could be a Stake instead of a District.  We hope before we go home that we can strengthen this area.  Every missionary tries very hard.

   This month we were able to take our youth to the temple to do baptisms.  IT was wonderful.  We hope it was a wonderful time for them.  They are the future here and if they can stay strong they will be a great blessing to the church in this area.

We left on Tuesday morning.  The youth traveled by taxi.  The driver, Johannes, is the husband of Portia Mohale from Motupa.  It was really nice because the youth all knew him.  He was very kind.  When we arrived (it took about 5 1/2 hours to get to Johannesburg) we got settled into our rooms and then we took pictures.  Dinner was waiting for us so we stopped and ate.  After dinner we had a fireside about the blessings of the temple.  We also talked about the blessing of doing family names.  When the fireside was over we played games in the lunchroom.  We played UNO and Scrabble.  It was really fun.  The youth were worried that we were too tired so they took the games to their rooms and played so we could go to bed.

The winners of UNO were Sharon and Sakeo.  they were very happy.
We met this cutest family from the Republic of the Congo.  They were wonderful.  This is the cutest little face.
It looks like we have a duplication going on here.  Oh well, you cannot get too much of a good thing, right?
Love to all of you,
Elder and Sister Campbell
Johannesburg South Africa Mission.

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