Tuesday, April 21, 2015

April's Adventures

Dear Family and Friends,
     We have had a very busy but wonderful time here in South Africa.  Our friends, Elder and Sister Meldrum from Canada have now returned home.  We were very sad to see them go.  We walked every morning with them and discussed our Group of Motupa.  They were called there to teach English but they taught much more.  We have taken up their Seminary class of around 12-13.  We have also taken their 3 piano students or Elder Campbell has taken them.  We miss hearing of the news since Motupa is also part of our branch.  We are going out there more now.  It is about 30 minutes away.
Motupa is a village and has a Chief.  He called a special meeting on Sunday.  One of our members said that they were concerned about a young man who was not choosing the right.  She said that he would steal and had "sent some to their death".  The chief told the family that they would have to leave the area.  The consequences could be pretty bad if they left.  This is "taking the bull by the horns".
This is Elder and Sister Meldrum on their last breakfast with us.  We had a fun time.  In South Africa they have giant, I mean GIANT trees called the Baobob Trees.  Some of these trees people live in.  This one has a tavern in it.
This is the tree that supplies us with Cream of Tartar.  The seeds fall from the tree and then inside there is are white crystals that are ground into Cream of Tartar.
Here is Elder Meldrum and Elder Campbell inside of the Tavern.  It is a little scary and I would not like to stay long.
Remember this is inside a tree.  There are two rooms.  In one people have left there hats so they can say they were there.

Some of the pictures are mixed up but I hope you get the vision.
I hope this will start working right now. haha
These are decorated Cream of Tartar fruits from the Baobob Tree.
     Earlier this month we were invited to our optometrist's home.  It is high on an Avocado Farm.  The trees were absolutely gorgeous in blossoms of purple and pink.
These were covering the hillside.  They had invited us to tea.  We have never been invited to tea before and it was a lovely time.  We hope they invite us again.  They are wonderful people.  Here is a picture of them and the parents who started the farm.  The lady is the Dr. Elder Campbell goes to.
Her name is Gale Altona.  They are very friendly.
Very Beautiful!
We had a fun day with the Young Men from Motupa on a Saturday.  They rode the Taxi (bus) into Tzaneen and we had lunch and a fun time together.  Elder Campbell talked about the Aaronic Priesthood and we had cinnamon rolls, fruit and breakfast casserole to eat.  We had a fun time seeing who could tie a tie fastest.
They are great young men.  We teach them now in Seminary now.  They will be great leaders some day.
Speaking of great leaders, here is a picture of our amazing Elders talking to people in the park by our church.  They do not waste any time in trying to share the gospel in Tzaneen.  This was before church started.  Presenting Valiant Missionaries, Elder Clegg from Lehi, Utah and Elder Laminie from Port Elizabeth, SouthAfica.  Elder Laminie has now been transferred and we have Elder May from Salt Lake City, UT.  We have been blessed with great young men.
I was able to take this with my close-up lense.
I guess we better go and do what we were sent here to do.  So, until next time,
Sala Haboots and Hurrah and Israel.
Elder and Sister Campbell
Johannesburg South Africa Mission


  1. I love it! I love what you take pictures of and what you talk about. How crazy to go to a pub in a tree! Thank you for all you do for those members and missionaries. Forever, we will be grateful!

    1. Thank you, also. Your service of your son will bless many forever! Hopefully a baptism soon.!!!!!!