Monday, March 2, 2015

Kissing Jessica the Hippo

Hello Friends and Family,
    We have had some wonderful adventures. Some of our young Elders wanted to see Jessica the Hippo.  More people die by a hippo than anything else in Africa.  They can be very dangerous.  This is quite a special hippo.  If you google "Jessica the Hippo" you can watch a documentary on her.  She was on Oprah.
I may say that she really liked me, the owner even said so.  Her story is amazing!

We fed her sweet potatoes and Robious Tea.  Here she is after she had received too much attention and her "father" calmed her down.  You must look her up and learn about her.  It is an amazing story.
This is Elder Bryner patting her back.  In these pictures we have Elder Novotny, Elder Smith-Holley and Elder Koyle.

This is a new fruit named Dragon Fruit.  You peel the outside off and the fruit inside is quite fun.  It is very mild with not much taste but it is a pretty color and fun.
On Valentine's Day we made valentine people for English class.  Here are two of Sister Campbell's students with their products.  Donald is in the middle.  He helps with translation in Motupa.  Below is Julia, a new member with her valentine person from Sister Campbell.
Here are three of our young women in Motupa.  We held class in the weeds in the yard as there is not more room space.  The Priesthood was being held under the Mango Tree.
This is Fortunate Honamombe's first birthday with a cake made by Sister Campbell.  She was not sure what was going on.

Here are some examples of how they sew yarn into their hair or add extra hair to theirs.
I found this snail on my walk.  The shell was beautiful.  I let it go since it was still alive and this was it's home.
Well, I am going to sign off now.  We will continue with more adventures another day.  I need to go to bed.  The church is true and we love being missionaries.  
Love to all and hope you have peace and joy in your homes.
Sala Habootsie and Hurrah for Israel!!!
Elder and Sister Campbell
Johannesburg South Africa Mission


  1. Wow, I'm excited to go find out more about the hippo story!! What an amazing opportunity. Both of you look so wonderful!!

  2. Dear Sister and Elder Campbell, My husband and I have moved into Stoneridge Ward a few months ago. As we continue to meet ward and stake members, we keep hearing about you two. We have been called to be Public Affairs Specialists for the Durban, South African Mission so that is why the "Campbells" keep coming up in conversation. I found you tonight and have had such a great time reading your blog. Thanks for details along with pictures. I hope to correspond with you soon as we are sorting clothes, electronics etc. as we speak. Thank you again, Connie and Dick Howden, Prescott Valley, Arizona