Monday, March 28, 2016

The Month of January

Dear Family and Friends,

We are always trying to repent of not writing more.  Time is at an essence as we are trying to do as much as we can.  This month we started out with New Years!  We enjoyed New Year's Eve just together.  We found a roast and cooked it in our crock pot with pots and carrots.  It was like a Sunday dinner!  YUM!  We were just together for a quiet evening.  New Years night we spent with the Elders.  We had dinner and it was fun.  Here is a picture of the Lemon Pavlova we made for Elder Smith-Holly from New Zealand.  IT was so delicious.  Then, it started to rain and the Elders went outside and did a rain dance.  We are in a drought right now and we hope they got the right dance moves down.

Our friends from Zimbawee.  Ben is here selling things for money so he can provide for his family of 5 girls.  We have bought a few things from him.  There is no church close to him and his wife only gets to come every few months.
This is a young man, Oupa Shai.  He is a very courageous young man.  He has always wanted to go on a mission.  He and his brother are the only members. His brother just returned from a mission.  (Thabo).  He just received his Matrix scores and he did really good.  His teaches and family have been mad that he wants to go on a mission.  Actually, his aunt sent him out of the house.  They think he is wasting his time on a mission.  His older brother beat him up.  We call him Nephi now.  He just turned in his mission papers to President Wilson.  I have a picture I will download later.  A great man.  His family want him to go to Medical school.  He says he will still go but the Lord has prepared him for a mission and he should go.

 This was Mission Tour with the Area President, Elder and Sister Cook, and President and Sister Wilson.  The other senior couple is Elder and Sister Gubler from St. George.  They are serving in Polokwane.
It was a great day.  We made Cafe Rio food.  (Our African version anyway.) 
Here is Elder Campbell with the Giant Hulk made of machine parts.  Elder Campbell is still more hulky than him.

Some of the beautiful flowers in our area.  These are from our walk in the morning.

Our Matrix girls at lunch.  What great girls!!!

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