Friday, June 12, 2015

The Great, the Sad and the Beautiful!!!!

Tebella la gui, friends and family,

     May and June have been very busy months.  Since Elder an Sister Meldrum have gone home to Canada, we are so busy trying to do a small portion of what they did in the village of Motupa.  We have been busy teaching 3 of their piano students and seminary class and trying to help with English classes a little.  We also have tried to visit as many members as we can as they are used to seeing Elder and Sister Meldrum each day.  Here is Elder Campbell with one of his students, Sakeo.
The 3 young men in Motupa are playing for church now.  The try doing it with the one hand only but they are getting pretty good with the simplified music book.

Here is one of our seminary students and two of her friends singing for me. Ngomi on the left has a beautiful voice.  I will see if I can put it on sometime.
Often we are going own the road following a heard of cattle.  They just stroll calmly.  They are fun to watch.
One of the main snack companies is Simba.  They make really good chips  so we do  not even buy them.  This was a really cute delivery truck.
This is our new Deacon, Rea.  He is a great young man.  Elder Campbell is excited to have a young man to teach.  He is also getting one in a week.  This all means, though that I am losing them from Primary.
Here we are at our Zone Conference in Tzaneen.  We were instructed in beautiful ways.  Our mission president and his wife gave us great counsel.  We are also amazed at how wonderful the young Elders teach.  We always come away learning so much.  They are great young men.  We always pray that they will remember what they have learned when they go home.  They will be great blessings to many.  We love them so much!!!!

These are the Great things that have happened this month.  Here is Elder Glegg and Elder May with Zebulon.  This was our first convert baptism in over 1 year here in Tzaneen.  This was a happy day.  We also enjoyed it with the Matlou family.  Malebo was baptized by her father, very happy.
This is Elder Campbell with our Priesthood Preview.  These are our 3 young men in Tzaneen that will turn 12 this year.  It was a great night with their parents or grandparents discussing the Priesthood.
From left to right: Abiwell Ndlovu, Elder Campbell, Cyrus Manzini, Rea Paladi.

We ha the opportunity of going with the young Elders an Elder and Sister Winward to Kruger Park.  This park has many animals in their own habitat.  This seemed to be "Family Day".  The animals all seemed to be grouped together.  So fun!!!!

Momma elephant is watching over her youngster as he is taking his afternoon nap.

Some interesting animals we  see almost every day if we are lucky!

This is at our church building.  Here are so some other beauties as we were on our way to Mokopane for the Relief Society District Meeting.

This is the Motupa group who made a wall hanging with everyone's names embroidered on rays coming from the sun.  Every group did something similar.  Tzaneen did not get theirs done.  Maybe they will someday.

We got home late at night and I made 3 cakes for a sister in our branch who just graduated from college.  We also made 5 loaves of sandwiches and got lunch ready for between conference sessions.  I wanted to write on the cake "Congratulations".  I did not realize until the next day that I had written "Congrations".  We had a good laugh and decided that meant congratulations but with alot of love.
We have now shown you the GREAT, the BEAUTIFUL and now I will tell you of the SAD.  We have learned how important it is to follow the teachings of the prophet.  If we have Family Scripture Study, Family Prayer, and Family Home Evening we have a greater chance of fighting off the "fiery darts of Satan".  We have seen some of our good friends here struggle so badly with choices they have made.  It breaks our hearts to see them going through the choices that one family member may make that brakes up eternal families.  We are thankful for the Savior and His Atonement.  We pray each day that we and our family will be faithful and endure to the end.  Satan is trying so hard and it seems he is trying so hard in South Africa.  Please keep our members in your prayers.  We love you and pray for you each and every day.  Remember to put the Lord first, this is something we are stressing with the members.  If we do this we will make good choices and He will be with us.

We love you,
Mom and Dad
Grandma and Grandpa
Elder and Sister Campbell
Johannesburg South Africa Mission

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