Sunday, January 4, 2015


We hope the new year has brought great joy as you look forward to the future.  In South Africa we are nearing the end of the "Festive Season".  They really enjoy themselves this time of year.  Something that is good is that they usually always go to their "root" home if they have family still there and stay for 2-3 weeks.  The government seems to close down and many businesses.  This has been a little difficult in Tzaneen since most of the people do not come home here.  This was mainly an Africanz community, from what we gather and many of them have left.  Many of our branch members are from Polokwane or Zimbawee.  We have been a little lonely.  We hope they return soon.  We believe school starts next week so we will be able to be together again.

Here are some pictures of our Christmas with the young Elders.  It was great!  We went to Polokwane for Christmas Eve and met with the other Senior Couples, Elders and President and Sister Dunn.  IT was really great.  We had a treat as we were able to watch "Meet the Mormons".  President Dunn was able to secure a copy for us.  We then ate dinner and came home.

Our Zone Leaders came dressed alike for Christmas Eve.
Here are some of our flats Christmas Decorations.

This was our door decoration.
On Christmas Morning we had two Elders come and call New Zealand at 7:00am.  It was fun listening to that.  We then went to the church and decorated the tables.  We had made Cinnamon Rolls the Christmas Eve before we left for Polokwane because the Elders wanted to learn how, so we had them and breakfast casserole for breakfast.  We then played the white elephant game, which was fun and the 12 Days of Christmas in Tzaneen which Elder Heyen put together for us,  It was great.  Since the mail system has been on strike there were not presents for the Elders so some members in Johannesburg got together and made boxes for the Elders.  There were some very useful items.  It was fun.

We found Santa hats and put an orange in the bottom and a letter from the Elder's family that they did not know about.
Here we are with everyone, Elder Heyen won a hairpiece in the white elephant game.  This is what they sew in their hair here.

This is Elder Bryner form Salt Lake  He is in the festive mood.

We had a wonderful Christmas.  We had wanted to go out caroling but as few days before Christmas some of the residents of Nykowakowa were upset at the police and started blocking the roads and lighting tires on fire so no one could go through the street.  They say they do this to "exercise their powers".  So we just called and sang to people.  They can;t stop Christmas!!!!!
We love all of you and are thankful for your emails and prayers.  They really help and we feel them.  We have never felt nervous or afraid.  We know we are protected.  We live in a pretty safe town .  We love working with these wonderful young Elders.  They have such a great desire to serve the Lord.  Some in our District come from Netherlands, Czech Republic, New Zealand, Malyoi, Salt Lake City, Kansas, Idaho, and Port Elizabeth, South Africa.  They are super!!!!
Have a wonderful New YEar!!!!
Hurrah for Israel,
Elder and Sister Campbell

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