Thursday, October 30, 2014

Missionary work is great!

Dear Friends and Family,
We are sorry that we have not written for a while.  We seem to be quite busy from dawn to dusk.
Monday through Friday we awake and go for a walk.  We then come home and get ready for the day. We then read our scriptures and look at our plan for the day and make preparations.  Preparations we make entail: seminary lessons, piano lessons, temple preparation lessons, Primary lessons, visits with members, inspecting young Elder's flats and getting the necessary items they are in need of.  We also do other things when called upon.  We are not bored!!!

Here we are moving a family.  We have moved someone for the past 3 weeks.  Mind you it does not take too much time since they have not collected as much as we do.

This is how they make bricks for their homes.  They dig in the dirt and get it wet.  The women get in the mud and mix it with their feet.  They then form it into blocks that they put some newsprint on one side.  They stack them into a pile with an opening going through,  When they have made enough bricks they put some wood in the opening and fire the bricks.  It is amazing how they do this.  Many, many homes are done like this especially in Motupa Village.  Sometimes they will put cement on the outside.  We believe all of the buildings are done with brick.  There is not insulation in the homes.  It is only brick and plastered over for the walls.  It is hard to find wood.  We see women all the time carrying wood on their heads.

We are at the King Walden Resort.  It is said that the owner of this plantation built this for his sweetheart.  This tree is famous for the fact that the day his wife died lightning struck this tree and it has looked like this since them.  It is a beautiful place.  You can come and stay here in beautiful rooms and it has a swimming pool.  Did you notice the crocodile seat we were standing in front of.  Supa neat.  (There is a tire store here that is called "Supa Quick".  We love it!

Above you will see two of the many hairstyles they have here.  They do this or they wear their hair really, really short and sometimes wear a wig.  Below we are at Cheerio Gardens.  It is absolutely beautiful.  You will see such beauty and this is not even the most beautiful time of year.

We do believe that we are living in one of the most beautiful places on earth.  Every day we see some amazing sights.  There are birds that have zebra stripes!  That is just amazing how everything seems to work together.
Here are Elder Perkins and Elder Downs ending the day of cleaning up the church grounds with some stick pulling.
This is the church grounds.  We rent it from the Chief of the tribe.  This is the water source.
Getting rid of the weeds.  This is our Primary Group Leader.  She is wonderful.
Pretty cute face.  The worked and worked- all barefooted.
We burned the weeds.  We know some Elders that are Pyromaniacs!!!
This is an example of the beautiful Jacaranda Tree.  They are all in bloom now and it is so Divine.  There are many trees that have such lovely blooms on them.
Here we are at the Motupa Visiting Teaching convention.  It was great!  The sister in the black on the front is our Relief Society Group Leader.  Motupa is a Group and is off of the Tzaneen Branch.  Elder Campbell is the Branch President of both.
This is Elder Campbell playing the organ for Motupa.  We visit one or two times a month.  The children love to stand by him.
This is our last baptism in Motupa. 
These are the four Senior Couples and the two Elders that are getting transferred.  We get so close to them.  They are like our family.
Before Elder Cazier her wanted a picture with our apron.  How fun!  He is from Germany!

Well, we have gone on and on and you are probably tired of hearing about our wonderful opportunity to share the Gospel with the people of South Africa.  We do love being missionaries.  There is a special feeling that comes with being a servant of the Lord.  We know what we are doing is good and we know that the gospel blesses lives.  We have seen many instances.  
We want to thank all of you for your prayers in our behalf.  We feel them and are very grateful.  They are a very tender mercy to us.  Love to all of you.  Keep doing good things!
Much love and Hurrah for Israel!
Elder and Sister Campbell
Johannesburg South Africa Mission


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